Spring Is Finally Here!

There is so much to love about springtime.

It took quite awhile for spring to show up this year.  Spring is my favorite season, however that is beginning to change since we don’t seem to get much of a springtime anymore.  It seems to go from the cold winter right into the hot summer.  Whether it’s my favorite or not, I still enjoy spring and everything it has to offer.  This includes some of the delicious early summer harvests that can be found at specialty grocery stores, farmers markets, and local farm stands.  Oh and I can’t forget flowers, especially tulips.   This link opens an article showing millions of tulips in the Netherlands, beautiful!

Some of my favorites include:

 Click on the links for more information or locations for “u-pick” berries.

Another great reason to love springtime is knowing it’s the beginning of another growing season.  I like to grow some of my own food and enjoy starting plants indoors in spring.  Although usually a little late to start, eventually there are food producing plants outside by summer.  This year I am focusing on food producing plants that will stay indoors during winter, and maintaining nutrient levels and proper soil drainage for the potted plants.

Don’t let all this talk about food, plants, and flowers mislead you.  I love the warmer weather that comes with spring.  It’s wonderful walking outside wearing only a long sleeved shirt.  I am quite sure I can finally pack away all of my family’s outdoor winter gear.  What a great feeling!

A few other reasons why I love spring:

-Spring cleaning

-Out with the old, in with the new

-Warm air

-After dinner walks


-Open patio door


-Forest preserve walking


-Park sitting


Feel free to share what you love about springtime.

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