I Finally Broke Down And Bought Matcha Tea Powder

A larger package of Matcha for a decent price, who could say no.

My father told me about Matcha green tea years ago, before you could find it everywhere.  He sent me pamphlets and brochures from places touting the wonderful benefits and delicious flavor of powdered green tea called “Matcha”.  I almost wish I had bought stock in it seeing how it has grown so popular.  Too late to worry about that now.

Since I consider myself a frugal person I have been waiting to purchase Matcha tea powder Aiya Matcha Powder 20171023_194412because I have been unable to justify the price, even for the good stuff.  Not too many people can tell the difference between good, high quality green tea and cheap junk.  Tea is tea right?  Well, not really, despite me still drinking some of the cheaper stuff.  I’m sorry but $20 an ounce just isn’t in the budget.  Although generic store brands may be cheap they aren’t even worth it in my opinion.  But a little over $20 for 3.5 ounces of Matcha green tea, now that’s a deal!

In some instances cooking grade doesn’t really mean anything, however in this case it means I get more for my money, and I’m not getting ceremonial grade (which I don’t really need).

For my personal use, I plan to make matcha green tea smoothies and matcha green tea lattes, as well as experiment with cooking meals with matcha green tea.  Although I haven’t tried it yet I’m excited about my future adventures.

You can purchase the same matcha green tea powder on amazon and through most local markets.I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Organic Cooking Grade Matcha 100 Grams

What do you do with your matcha green tea powder?  Comment, share, or contact me. I always love to share and receive new recipes.