Good Nutrition Is A Lifestyle 

For so many of us, the road to good health and good nutrition is much less traveled than our foodie counterparts. When it comes to food we need fast, easy, and tasty all in one . Unfortunately, with daily life moving so quickly that usually means less healthy.

The foundation of good nutrition includes those who actively engage in making good food choices and participate in food preparation. I , like many people, have a family and we are busy! I am also not a professional chef. But, there are many ways to make changes that can actually make a difference. And there is so much information available to make things work for busy people. Speak with a health coach to determine your roadblocks, talk with your family about their food and health choices, and of course, be adventurous!

Small changes can add up to big rewards in the long run. Although without both realizing, and accepting the fact that your lifestyle will need to change, it can make rewards difficult to maintain.  How often do we hear about an individual achieving significant weight loss just to gain most, if not all of it back within a couple years?  Why do these things happen?  How about that familiar buzzword…diet.  Going on a diet is only temporary and despite evoking change, it rarely lasts.  Diets impose tight restrictions, are not conducive for the common household, and often do not take into account physical activity (State of Michigan, 2017).

See change as a lifestyle, see good health and good food as an adventure.  Small steps can lead to big changes, and big changes can lead to a better lifestyle.  You just have to make the jump!


State of Michigan (2017).  Why diets fail. Retrieved from,4675,7-216-33084_33092_33097—,00.html

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